Marinas in Miami to Dock Your Yacht

South Florida is home to some of the most expensive marinas in the nation, which is offset by other great quality marinas with competitive prices and top of the line customer service. Whether you are living in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, or Martin County, your city most likely has at least 15 different marinas to choose from. Below we get down to the options we recommend, those that have had serious issues, and more we know, like, and trust. Being involved in the yachting industry is a sure-fire way to get to know the other local sea dogs while hopefully making some connections, staying in the know, and even possibly getting a deal of a dock spot you might not have even found out about otherwise. Continue reading below for the best options on the market and what to look for when treading the waters on your own.

Miamarina in Bayside Downtown Miami

This dockage spot is in the heart of Miami’s downtown, located right on the edge of Bayside Marketplace. With multiple shops, bars, and restaurants overlooking this marina, Miamarina is a prime location, with top-tier prices and lots of tourists in the area. Looking to be the center of the hype, and have your yacht within walking distance of American Airlines Arena, Bayfront Park, and other local hotspots (not to mention, Bayside, obviously)? Well, you’ve found your match. Just be ready to fork over a hefty sum month after month, as the demand is high, the prices are higher, and there are only 130 spots to get your hands on. The number of yachts in Miami-Dade far outweighs the number of open dockage options. So, get out there quickly and grab the first spot you see at whichever marina fits your needs and budget best. A few restaurants on the water in Bayside Marketplace include Largo Bar & Grill, Hard Rock Cafe, and other contenders that are busy all year round. 

Miami Beach Marina, Right in South Pointe 

At the most southern tip of Miami is Miami Beach Marina, offering a generous 400 slips with other activities to be done all around it. Charters for fishing, yachting, diving, and snorkeling are made possible here, all you need to do is ask an employee of the marina and they will guide you the right way. Aside from activities, this area is filled with restaurants, bars, and a beautiful beach. Not to mention the miles-long boardwalk that stretches across some of the best hotels in the city. The best view is awarded to Smith & Wollensky’s where you can take a peek into Fisher Island while watching the cruise ships disembark from their docking points. Joe’s Stone Crab is a hop, skip, and jump away, within walking distance that includes beautiful streets, breezy weather, and beach town vibes. Miami yacht rentals that have quality yachts are few and far between- you’ll find some of the best wading out of this marina!

Black Point Marina in Homestead

Black Point Marina is usually engrossed with strictly locals, but that doesn’t stop the biggest public marina in Miami to be filled with people the locals have never met or seen before. Black Point Ocean Grill is right inside the marina, offering the best oysters in the area. Around this are also kayaking tours, nature trails, and fishing tours equipped with an entire bait shop right on the property as well. 


All in all, the above marinas listed are just a slim few in a world full of dockage slips. The only problem is, there are more yachts than there are docking slips in South Florida, which makes the prices higher and the terms of dockage worse. In terms of boat slips, it’s a sellers market and seems to be like it will be for the near future.

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