Fishing in the Waters of South Florida

If you’ve been to South Florida, chances are you were near some body of water. The ocean, lakes, and inlets are everywhere you turn. Florida is populated by many older, retired folks with a ton of time on their hands looking for enjoyable and relaxing hobbies to take up. As you can imagine, these two factors alone are enough to mean that there a lots of older fishermen and women in Florida reeling in the fresh catch of the day. Along with hobbyists in the area, South Florida also has many seafood restaurants that catch their food the day before serving. This is a different type of fishing but gets the same result. A tasty snack and a day spent out on the water. If you’re wondering what types of fish are out there, keep looking.


Lobster is one of the most desired animals to catch in Florida because of its delicious taste and diversity.


As a fellow oyster lover, I love seeing these things shucked on the menu. Many times I have tried my hand at shucking my own oysters, but every time I end the task frustrated and ready to make my way to a restaurant. Crustaceans are more than raved about down here, so if you don’t like oysters, don’t tell anybody!


The best fish in the world? Yep, it is yellowtail. Yellowtail is a beautiful fish that goes very well in ceviche, sashimi, and sushi because you can really appreciate it in its raw form, unlike most other fish variations!

Marinas in Miami to Dock Your Yacht

South Florida is home to some of the most expensive marinas in the nation, which is offset by other great quality marinas with competitive prices and top of the line customer service. Whether you are living in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, or Martin County, your city most likely has at least 15 different marinas to choose from. Below we get down to the options we recommend, those that have had serious issues, and more we know, like, and trust. Being involved in the yachting industry is a sure-fire way to get to know the other local sea dogs while hopefully making some connections, staying in the know, and even possibly getting a deal of a dock spot you might not have even found out about otherwise. Continue reading below for the best options on the market and what to look for when treading the waters on your own.

Miamarina in Bayside Downtown Miami

This dockage spot is in the heart of Miami’s downtown, located right on the edge of Bayside Marketplace. With multiple shops, bars, and restaurants overlooking this marina, Miamarina is a prime location, with top-tier prices and lots of tourists in the area. Looking to be the center of the hype, and have your yacht within walking distance of American Airlines Arena, Bayfront Park, and other local hotspots (not to mention, Bayside, obviously)? Well, you’ve found your match. Just be ready to fork over a hefty sum month after month, as the demand is high, the prices are higher, and there are only 130 spots to get your hands on. The number of yachts in Miami-Dade far outweighs the number of open dockage options. So, get out there quickly and grab the first spot you see at whichever marina fits your needs and budget best. A few restaurants on the water in Bayside Marketplace include Largo Bar & Grill, Hard Rock Cafe, and other contenders that are busy all year round. 

Miami Beach Marina, Right in South Pointe 

At the most southern tip of Miami is Miami Beach Marina, offering a generous 400 slips with other activities to be done all around it. Charters for fishing, yachting, diving, and snorkeling are made possible here, all you need to do is ask an employee of the marina and they will guide you the right way. Aside from activities, this area is filled with restaurants, bars, and a beautiful beach. Not to mention the miles-long boardwalk that stretches across some of the best hotels in the city. The best view is awarded to Smith & Wollensky’s where you can take a peek into Fisher Island while watching the cruise ships disembark from their docking points. Joe’s Stone Crab is a hop, skip, and jump away, within walking distance that includes beautiful streets, breezy weather, and beach town vibes. Miami yacht rentals that have quality yachts are few and far between- you’ll find some of the best wading out of this marina!

Black Point Marina in Homestead

Black Point Marina is usually engrossed with strictly locals, but that doesn’t stop the biggest public marina in Miami to be filled with people the locals have never met or seen before. Black Point Ocean Grill is right inside the marina, offering the best oysters in the area. Around this are also kayaking tours, nature trails, and fishing tours equipped with an entire bait shop right on the property as well. 


All in all, the above marinas listed are just a slim few in a world full of dockage slips. The only problem is, there are more yachts than there are docking slips in South Florida, which makes the prices higher and the terms of dockage worse. In terms of boat slips, it’s a sellers market and seems to be like it will be for the near future.

A Day Out at Sea on a Yacht

If you enjoy spending time yacht sailing out on the ocean, then you probably love the idea of heading out for a day out at sea with the crew. A yacht can be your private paradise, giving you a space to unwind and enjoy the warm sun, clear blue sky, and the cool ocean breeze blowing across the deck. Relax underneath the sun with a tasty cold drink in your hand. Or, watch the sunset over the water. You can even do some big game fishing. The right yacht has something for everyone, so be sure that you enjoy it all before you leave to go home.

Even if you don’t plan on doing a lot on your day out at sea on a yacht, take advantage of the bar on board to keep yourself relaxed and entertained. Even consider bringing wine and food along that you know you’ll enjoy. Your meal can be as quiet or lively as you want, whether you need to relax or ramp up your energy. See a city from a new perspective by sailing into the center early afternoon. Just enjoy cruising by the locals, or disembark for a while to enjoy shopping before getting back on board for more leisure.

A good day out at sea on your yacht should include numerous activities that you can pick from. The bar might be the social center for impromptu gatherings of anyone on the yacht, but you might also have games, electronic entertainment, swimming, dancing, and billiards. Far enough out into the waves and no one will care how much noise you and your travelers whoop up.

Be sure you get there on time for your day out at sea. Many yachts won’t let you set sail if you show up late, and with amenities possibly already paid for or reserved the following day, you might not be able to enjoy the experience on a delayed schedule.

Have several changes of clothes ready with you even if you’re only sailing for a day. Weather can be fickle, even in paradise. Also, you might do some impromptu swimming or have accidents. You want to look your best stepping off of the yacht. Even if you’re not personally rich enough to own one, you don’t have to give away your status as a renter when walking back up the dock. Enjoy your fantasy for the day.

Be sure to investigate the yacht company chartering the boat in question thoroughly. You want to find something you can afford and easily travel to, but you also want a company, captain, and crew known for balancing safety and fun. Also, make sure there is enough entertainment onboard and especially inside the boat, not just in case of rain, but for those that might get seasick easily or just want to avoid getting sunburned from too much time outside.

Shop around as diligently as you would for anything else, and you’ll likely have no issue finding a great day out at sea on a wonderful yacht.

Make the Most of Your Vacation By Chartering a Yacht

2020 Has left many people completely drained. There has been the continued regulation of movement caused by the COVID 19 epidemic, continued financial pressures, uncertainty, and a world where the pace seems to become ever faster – and the psychological impact of having to deal with more and more information in our personal and professional lives. Not to mention the simple strain of living in large cities.

It is no wonder that for many the need to simply get away from it all has become the focus of their efforts as we approach year-end.

However, many people want to spend quality time with family and friends during a vacation that offers both excitement and the opportunity to get away from the frenetic modern world. The resort vacation experience does not offer that opportunity. Crowds of people, paper-thin room walls, shrieking children, and the restrictions on when and where one can dine are all just another version of the frenetic modern life – albeit in a different setting. The resort experience simply offers frustration that negates the very idea of a vacation. Standing in queues for meals, waiting for sun loungers to become free at the side of a packed pool and lackluster menus – the same day after day.

For many the alternative, chartering a yacht offers everything that they want to get away from it all and recharge those exhausted mental and physical batteries.

Firstly, yacht charters offer a choice. Whether you want to enjoy the still waters of an inland lake or the majestic azure waters and waving palms on beaches in the tropics where will be a yacht charter company that will be able to make your every dream come true.

Yacht charter also offers one of the most precious opportunities one can enjoy during the course of a vacation – complete freedom. Freedom to set your sights on the horizon and begin a literal voyage of exploration. each day can bring about a new experience. explore new locations onshore, meet new people, and learn about new cultures. Dive into clear waters, enjoy either snorkeling or the SCUBA experience, and explore the world below the surface of a sparkling sea.

Dining on board is a special experience. You will be offered a choice of the freshest produce sourced from local farmers – or seafood that has been harvested every day from Mother Nature’s larder. Source your own provisions during a deep-sea fishing excursion or let a qualified chef and crew take care of your every need – no matter what your taste or preferences might be. As the sun goes down, finish off a day filled with memories with a cocktail as the light fades and the stars blanket the darkening sky.

Chartering a yacht allows you to choose when and where you will be enjoying the experience – and opens up a world of possibility. It is cheaper than many people think (especially when a group of friends or family is involved). The experience will provide memories that last a lifetime, and will return you to your everyday life with a new spring in your step – and a revitalized outlook. It is an option that more and more people are finding irresistible.

YachtzMarine Special Events and Occasions

Are you looking to throw a party or special occasion celebration on a yacht? We have been servicing our clients for over 25 years and work mainly in the South Florida, Miami/Boca Raton area. Should you be ready to look into this, reach out to us and we will give you a breakdown of how we can be of service to you!

We specialize in:

  • Wedding Packages
  • Corporate Parties
  • Anniversary Dinners
  • Vow Renewals
  • Graduation Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Family outings

If you are interested in a specific size yacht or have a price range in mind, chances are we can work with your needs. One thing we are strict about is the person limit on our yachts which is 10 people. Due to the current pandemic and previous limits imposed, we cannot accept 11 or any more persons on our boats. We want to make sure everyone is safe and no problems arise during your event; we thank you for understanding and look forward to planning the party of your dreams with you!

We have vendor recommendations for the following:

  • Wedding decorations
  • Wedding cakes
  • Catering
  • Food packages
  • Jet skies and other water-based activities

and much more. Feel free to reach out to us on our “contact” page and we will get back to you!